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Zachary W.


September 27, 2022

Zachary Weitzman

For his Eagle Project, Zachary built a boot brush station, installed an informational sign panel, and removed invasive species from two trails in Nature Study Woods in New Rochelle. Nature Study Woods is one of the parks where Westchester County Parks Foundation (the beneficiary organization) does conservation work. The boot brush station removes invasive plant seeds from the shoes of visitors before they enter the park. A sign attached to the boot brush station educates visitors on the effect that invasive species have on the ecological health of the park and simple steps that visitors can take to help. The invasive species Lesser Celandine was removed from the trails to help control their spread. Visitors to the park during the project construction and plant removal were educated on the harmful effect of invasive plants. The project helped to create an environment that promotes ecological health.

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